Card Sales

Blank Art Cards:Greens_&_Purples.jpgThese are not your average greeting cards. Each is printed individually after having been careful processed. Yes, they aren’t cheap. But they aren’t cheaply made, either!

Holiday Cards:Christmas_Cards.jpg

Cards are available for any prints you see here or on Flickr. To order please email me.


I generally print on matte card stock, I can take special orders for luster stock. Luster cards ( 7×5.5 only) can also have an added message inside for an extra printing fee. All cards except postcards come with plain white envelopes. (The copyright you see on these images are not on the actual cards. Name and copyright information are on the back of the cards.)

*Keep in mind that cards will be cropped to fit the card size unless you specifically ask for them not to be. If you do, the borders won’t be even, but you will see the complete image! I assure you they look lovely either way … if it doesn’t work in the size I don’t print it!

  • Postcards 4″x6″: 10 for $10; 24 for $22, 100 for $80
  • Postcards 5″x7″: 10 for $12; 24 for $26, 100 for $100
  • 5.5″x4.25″: 1 for $4, 5 for $17.50; 8 for $26; 24 for $75, 40 for $120
  • 6.25″x4.5″: 1 for $5, 5 for $22.50; 8 for $34, 24 for $100, 40 for $160
  • 7″x5″: 1 for $6, 5 for $27.50; 8 for $42; 24 for $125, 40 for $200

**Sales tax will be added for California residents.

Payment may be made by check or Zelle (patty [at] patriciaemersonmitchell [dot] com). (Don’t know about Zelle? Ask me! It’s quite handy!)


Not sure just what to pick? The Card Collection page has all the cards I’ve arranged in boxes of 8, making your shopping easier.

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