The Collections

These are boxed sets, put together for your convenience, so you don’t have to peruse every photo I have. Feel free, however, to put your own box together. If you choose photos, simply email me with the full name of the image(s).

       5×5″x4.25″: $26
       6.25″x4.5″: 8 for $34
       7″x5″: 8 for $42

Abstract Flora

All The Little Water Drops

California Poppies

Camellias (Set One)

Camellias (Set Two)

Color & White

Dahlias (Set One)

Dahlias (Set Two)

Dogwoods (Set One)

Dogwoods (Set Two)

Friends (Set One)

Friends (Set Two)

Mostly White

On White

Pastel Rose Collection

Primarily Purple

Purple & Green Series

Rainbow of Roses

Seeing Red

Succulents (Set One)

Succulents (Set Two)

The Blues

The Flower Patch

Whites On White Linen