The Collections

Below are boxed sets. Each card has one image only unless you request “collage cards” instead, or when I’ve noted that a collage card is part of the box (special edition boxes have that). These are put together for your convenience, so you don’t have to peruse every photo I have. Feel free, however, to put your own box together. If you choose photos, simply email me with the full name of the image(s).

(Please excuse the bad formatting here: I’m still attempting to adjust to WordPress’s new way of posting and I confess I’m not adjusting well at ALL!)

To view the images of each collection on its own page just click the name of the collection.

       5.5″x4.25″: 8 for $26
       6.25″x4.5″: 8 for $34
       7″x5″: 8 for $42

       5.5″x4.25″: 10 for $30
       6.25″x4.5″: 10 for $38
       7″x5″: 10 for $48

Current sales tax is charged to California residents, and shipping will be added to the cost.

Flora in Yellow

Green Cards — Set One

Ornaments (Christmas/Holiday Collection)

Pumpkins! (Halloween/Thanksgiving)

Red Poppies

RED (Christmas/Holiday ollection/Valentine’s Day)

Red Flora (Christmas/Holiday Collection/Valentine’s Day)

Rich Purples

Romance on Linen (Special Edition: 16 cards)

Seeing Red (Valentine’s Day)

Sparkles & Ribbons (Christmas/Holiday Collection)

Succulent Christmas (Christmas/Holiday Collection)

Succulents (Set One)

Succulents (Set Two)

The Blues, Two

The Flower Patch

Tulip Time (I)

Tulip Time (II)

Violas … No Joke!

White Linen Roses


Winter Wonderland (Christmas/Holiday Collection)