A Sunday Afternoon Rose

To be honest, I have shared this before … twice in fact. The first time I shared it in June of 2018 it was as a Sunday morning rose. Turns out I must have forgotten and shared it again as a Sunday morning rose just a few weeks later. Oops! But I’m sharing it now because I reworked it a bit. Since posting things in 2018 I’ve changed some things about how I see and what I like. So here … have a Sunday afternoon rose:

White Rose with Pistil and Stamen (IIa), 5.4.18

Happy Autumn!

Ah, my favorite time of year … especially when our weather changes and it actually feels like autumn as well. (Today it won’t, with temps in the high 80°s.) And if you are wondering, “the fall equinox arrives on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at 3:20 P.M. EDT in the Northern Hemisphere.” (Yes, I looked that up.)

Autumn Leaves, 10.11.19