More about the Camera & Lens

Since I have a bit of time … here is a photo I shot mostly to see how well I could focus. Then I wondered what would happen if I cropped the image. So you see the original and then a cropped version and finally a real close-up of Mr. Ant. I normally don’t share images of a higher quality (you can buy a print for that!), but in this case I am, since I want to show things in better detail.

Not bad for a hand held image!

Ant on an Echeveria

Cropped Version:

Finally a major crop:

Continuing to Learn

Today’s five mile walk was so lovely: the cloud cover and temps in the 50s made it such fun. I didn’t see a ton to catch my eye for photos, but I did need to practice with my new 35mm lens so I stopped on occasion just to play around. Much of what I did isn’t anything workable, but here is a straight out of the camera (SOOC) image, just to share what it can do hand-held and with no post processing. Not bad, really! I will still think of my 100mm as THE lens, but this one seems as if it’ll be a great one for traveling.

SOC: Gerbera, 12.11.19

Canon EOS R Mirrorless Update

I’m still learning about my new camera. I made very few shots on today’s walk: there just wasn’t a lot that caught my eye. I was using the 100mm macro (which requires a mount adapter), and in order to show you how things are going at the moment here is a photo that included a few ants. (And yes, this camellia really is called the Yuletide.)

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll head out with the 35mm lens I received just today. (Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM Lens) I’m curious to see how it does with macro work. It’s certainly not the 100mm, but it’s definitely smaller and lighter and might suffice for travel.

Yuletide Camellia, 12.10.19