Naming Photos

Some people are incredibly creative and artistic when it comes to naming photos. I’m not. Normally I just state what it is. Side note: someone once said she thought the numbers after the name was referring to a Bible verse. Nope! I simply add the date the photo was made … it makes it easier to find it in my files!

This photo, though, has a title rather than just the naming of what’s seen. Maybe you can see why. Or maybe it seems dumb (which is one reason I don’t get creative with names … I fear ridicule. Yes. I’m that nuts! And insecure.).

Friends for Life, 6.8.18

For Friday Afternoon

A number of my music colleagues are dealing with more canceled work (as am I), and I know many are suffering both the sadness of not getting to do what they love so much and the loss of significant income. For them, and for all who are going through rough times, I offer up this flower.

It looks like this flower is clinging to its friend the poppy, but the poppy has since left this world. Or at least its petals have. But poppies will return. As will our work.

Pink Nigella Damascena, 5.9.18