First Shot

This is nothing spectacular, really, but I finally pulled my camera out. And that says something … I hope something positive about getting back to photography. Time will tell. (The last time I used the camera — albeit briefly — was June 22. I didn’t care for what I did that day, but I did hold on to the images because I tend to see different after a bit of waiting.)

First Shot: Little Purple Flowers, 7.7.20

Happy Fourth

I’ve never spotted a red, white, and blue flower. Thus, I will share two flowers. Just squint a lot and combine them.

I hope everyone in the United States has a lovely fourth of July, but even more, I hope you all stay safe. This is not the time to go party with friends. It’s not the time to enjoy that family BBQ, no matter how much you want it. We can visit via our computers and let’s stay well! Pretty please?