Elephant’s Head Flower

Dan and I recently went on a pack trip (using mules to cart all our heavy equipment in, which is a treat) in the Sierra Nevada with some wonderful photographer friends. The hike wasn’t easy for me, but I made it, and the beauty of the location was just incredible. We hit all sorts of weather — rain, thunder, lightening, hail, sun — yep, we seemed to hit it all! I’m so grateful that I am able to do these trips, but I realize a couple of things: 1) I really need to work on fitness! 2) I need to learn how to “see” better (flowers I can do, but the “all of it” is such a challenge for me … besides, I’m rather intimidated by the other photographers who are simply amazing).

But speaking of flowers … have this elephant’s head image:

Pedicularis groenlandica, 8.9.22

A Bonus Flower

Being off social media for a month (okay, okay, I might have peaked a few times) isn’t easy, but it sure does mean I have a lot more time on my hands. I’m not sure anyone has missed me on those sites, and I’ve not heard from anyone here to say they are checking out the site since the flowers won’t appear elsewhere (aside from Twitter that does auto-posts). But so it goes. This is a bit of an experiment … I wanted to see if people would sign up for emails to alert them when I posted anything. I think all of two people did that. I guess this means the flowers aren’t, in fact, missed by many.

That’s okay. If I post them only for a couple of people so it goes. If I post only for myself, I guess that’s okay too.

But here’s a bonus flower for today. Dan saw a tree with these on them today and asked what it was. I knew the common name (Strawberry tree), but had to look back at images to find out the Latin name. (I just love Latin names!)

Arbutus uendo, 9.21.16