Sunset in Northern California

I really need to do more than flowers. But I’m not going to say goodbye to them, as they make me happy. But honestly, how many flowers do other people want to see?! Tonight I’ll be posting Goodnight Flower #1802. And those are only the ones labeled as Goodnight Flowers: I’ve done so many (too many?) more!

I was going to go back through our Europe trips tonight to see if there are images I’d like to share, but for now I’ll post this sunset from our trip up north. My eyes are saying it’s time to step away from Lightroom and the computer!

Sunset on the Northern California Coast, 6.8.19

2 thoughts on “Sunset in Northern California

  1. Oh no you do not. While I do not mind at all that you explore. I understand that desire. However I would be quite content to see your flowers for a long time. Now I need to work my way back to that cactus flower before I find myself in another room or on another webpage wondering why I went there.


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