A Warning to Lightroom Users

I recently updated to the latest Lightroom version, 9.3. As I worked on images I ran into a problem. If i used the healing tool on an edge it didn’t really heal … it just caused some awful color bleed. It was so frustrating, but I thought, “well fine, I’ll clone first, and then go back over the area with the healing too.” (Yes, I’ve done that sort of thing in the past for reasons I won’t go into at the moment since that’s beside the point.) But no! Cloning worked as normal, but when I went back over it with the healing tool the bleeding came right back. I simply couldn’t work on any edges at all. I figured I was sunk and would have to crop every image I had if I wanted things to work.

I did a search to see if others were having the same problem. Indeed the are! But wait, there’s more! Someone wrote that not only did this problem occur on images being worked on now, but all the past images that had been worked on (and completed) in the past now showed this issue as well. Eek! I read through all the comments and realized the only solution was to revert back to 9.2, which I’ve now done. Whew! My images are all just fine now.

I do hope Adobe fixes this bug soon. It’s a bad one!

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