I’ve Been Tagged

My brother-in-law tagged me over on Facebook. I’m to post a travel photo each day, for ten days. Below are yesterday and today’s. I’m not supposed to include anything about them, but here I think I can allow myself that privilege. This isn’t Facebook, after all.

Day One: Heidelberg, 8.22.18

Day Two: Sunrise, 1.1.17 (California Central Valley)

Ah, Procrastination!

I need to practice and organize everything for tomorrow: I begin a four week run of the musicalĀ Wicked and I like to make sure I have everything organized and ready the day before. Alas, that means I first think of other things I’d prefer to do. This time it was to look back on last year’s big trip. How I wish we had managed one this year, but it wasn’t to be, so photos from other trips will have to suffice.

This image is, I confess, from the iPhone. I made another image with the Canon, but I prefer this one, so there you go. This was on our walk from our parking spot down below up to the Chartres Cathedral. It was a bit of a hike, but it was so much fun to be on walkways like this one.

Le Tertre Saint-Nicolas, 9.4.18