Ah, Paris!

Dan has been revisiting his work from Paris, so that got me looking at my old stuff. I’m not at a point where I’ll be sharing anything from the good camera, but when I saw this iPhone shot it just made me smile. Yes, I cut off the top of the clock … I was standing in a spot that did that no matter what. There were so many people taking photos I had to quickly snap some while no one was standing in front of the clock … that didn’t happen very often!

Time For Paris, 8.12.16

I’ve Been Tagged

My brother-in-law tagged me over on Facebook. I’m to post a travel photo each day, for ten days. Below are yesterday and today’s. I’m not supposed to include anything about them, but here I think I can allow myself that privilege. This isn’t Facebook, after all.

Day One: Heidelberg, 8.22.18

Day Two: Sunrise, 1.1.17 (California Central Valley)