A Leucadendron for Your Day

I remember the first time I ever saw one of these. I was amazed by the beauty. Lo and behold, turned out they are all over our neighborhood (despite being native to South Africa). I just hadn’t ever take the time to really look and see!

As you might notice, this is from 2016. Yes, I have been looking through various years, mostly because of the travel challenge in which I am participating. I remember seeing this when I put it up on the computer and thinking, “Meh. That’s not really something to bother with!” Funny how different I feel about it today.

Lecuadendron Against a Wall, 11.10.16

Tis the Season

Yes, it’s Leucadendron season in my little area. I’m seeing them everywhere. (I have read that they bloom in fall, winter, and spring, so I suppose it’s nearly always Leucadendron season, though!) I still remember the first time I saw them and took a photo of some. They are all around this area, but I’d just not paid any attention to them. Once I photographed them, though, I spotted them all the time when they were doing their colorful thing. I love these South African plants.

When I was shooting this morning it was quite overcast, somewhat dark, and a bit misty, so the yellow of these plants glowed in a lovely way.

Leucadendron (I), 1.30.20


I am supposed to be working on our taxes. So I opened up Lightroom, which is currently opening to 2016. Of course that distracted me … because if there’s an option for procrastination distraction works quite well, thank you very much.

But I will post this and step away from the computer. I MUST get our taxes done!

Leucadendron (I), 1.4.16

First Shot

The past few weeks have allowed for very few good walks. Between work, the smoky days, and other interfering things (some very good things, mind you!) I have been quite negligent. So today I was determined to get my miles in. I didn’t manage a six mile walk, I’m sorry to say: partway through the walk the smoke began to flow in again and I knew I’d be better off at home.

This image, though, was my first shot of the few I managed. It sort of reminds me of fire … rather (sadly) appropriate, I guess.

First Shot: Leucadendron, 10.17.17First_Shot-_Leucadendron,_10.17.17.jpg