Breezy Photography

Before going on my neighborhood walks I look out a window to see how breezy it is. If it’s bad, I don’t usually take a camera. But of course sometimes I head out with a camera despite the breeze, figuring I can always shoot some stubborn, unmoving (for the most part) succulents. Other times, though, the wind comes up after I head out. I have a camera on my back and it will stay in the pack.. But sometimes I still attempt to shoot flowers … and my guess is that is what was going on with this. It was back in 2018, though, and I most certainly don’t remember what the weather was like although I do remember where I shot this. I was about to trash it when I looked at it in portrait orientation. But then the lightbulb came on (dimly, but it was there) and I turned it sideways. Gee, I kinda like it now! Even with the “windy petals”.

Papaver in the Breeze, 6.1.18

Red Poppies (small cards)

My card collections are always 8 cards. Always. Well … except when they are sixteen. But never nine. So how will I choose which of these to cut, I wonder? (No, I’m not saying you need to tell me: it really is a decision I have to make!)

Or maybe I should just have a special edition, nine card collection. Hmm.

In any case, it was fun to search on “Papaver” to find all these red poppies. I began all this because I was searching for images I could use for a new Christmas collection after posting the earlier poppy (in the center of this grouping … and possibly the weak link, really), but honestly I don’t think these work for Christmas. Still, I do like them, and they make pretty cards.

(I noted in the subject that these are the small card images. That’s because they are cropped for that size. Larger cards will show more of the original image, most likely. )

UPDATE: I’ve now printed 5×7 cards. To give you an idea of what the difference is (rather minimal, really, but do you notice it? I prefer these ones below.) between the crops, here are those images: