Happy Monday!

I went on a longer than usual walk today. I was glad to do it, but I have to say that it’s just not as pleasant in our area at the moment: so much trash, so many vacated buildings … all due, I believe, to Covid. I sure wish this would end!

I walked all the way to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden (a 7.5 mile round trip): something I used to do frequently, and with ease. Not so any longer. Is it age? Is it Covid? Something else? I have no clue! I did manage to do a bit of photography, but, at least for now, I don’t do nearly as much as I used to: I already have SO many rose images, to be honest, and I’m also still dealing with a bit of “Lack of Seeing” for some reason.

But below is one from today (I must admit that the name of this rose doesn’t exactly thrill me … something about too many deaths, perhaps?).

As I’ve mentioned before, reds are tricky. With this one I had to work on the center part, as it was far too magenta, but it can’t be fully red, as that isn’t how it looked! I really do try to keep as true to what I remember as I possibly can.

Drop Dead Rose (I), 7.18.22