Looking Back

Sometimes I go back over past years’ work, primarily to see what I should finally trash. I’ve learned to wait at least a year — and usually longer — to completely remove images from my files. I’ve found that after a time I might change my mind about things I deemed rotten.

Today I was looking back in 2013 for some reason, and had a bit of fun with these Nigella damascena. It’s doubtful they would work for prints, but I still love these flowers and enjoyed working with these images from over five years ago. I’m sort of glad I didn’t trash them immediately.

These two images are of the same flower, captured at different angles. I had to shoot the second when I noticed that one bent over stamen. Just because.

Nigella damascena (I), 5.10.13Nigella_damascena_(I),_5.10.13.jpg

Nigella damascena (II), 5.10.13Nigella_damascena_(II),_5.10.13.jpg

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