A Frustration, but What To Do?

I am taking a month-long break from social media. I posted a goodbye and people wrote to say they would really miss seeing my goodnight flowers.

But the flowers continue! They are here. They will continue to be here. I won’t stop posting them.

I realize some don’t like to visit websites, but if anyone wants to see the flowers it’s not difficult to come here. In addition it appears they will show up on my photography “page” on Facebook (I’ve yet to understand the difference between where the flowers used to appear and this new page bit, but there you go). If I set up this WordPress site correctly it is now supposed to auto-post to the page. I’m hoping.

So I’m frustrated and sorry that friends, and friends of friends, and even strangers, are saying they will no longer see my flowers. I wish I could convince them that it’s easy to visit here. A simple “follow” will send them the posts, in fact!

Here … have a dahlia for your time (and to apologize from my whining!) This is, as were the other two, from right across the street!

Pink Dahlia (III), 6.7.18Pink_Dahlia_(III),_6.7.18.jpg

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