Looking Back

I started going through my years of photography yesterday. Again. (Yes, I’ve tried this before.) I began with 2011, since that’s when I believe I became interested in walking, which also included taking photos of things I walked by. I have to say it’s been quite enlightening to do this. Who knew I took such awful pictures? I thought I was doing quite well. Now I see the truth. And I posted so many of these, thinking they were good! Ah well … the good news is that I have a much better eye now (and much better cameras, as well).

But what a long process this will be. The first round involves merely going through years and recording any special trips or events that I need to note. Then I’ll start my second round, which will be more of a chore as I delete photos that are simply horrendous. I won’t delete them all, mind you: some, as bad as they are, still cause me to remember a special time, so they must stay.

All that being said, I only now finished going through 2013. I have a long way to go! But here is an image that spoke to me today. The title might speak to why.

Sheltered, 3.27.13

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