Gallery Closure — A Sad Day

The gallery where Dan and I were supposed to be showing  some prints has had to call it quits. They opened for a grand opening party, closed again for construction, and  then Covid hit. The owners simply couldn’t continue paying for a gallery that can’t open for who knows how long. Today was the sad day we went to collect all of our work. I now have a number of prints that are longing for a wall. (In addition I have a fair number of others I will share soon: I had gotten a bit ambitious and matted and framed even more.) Below are the images that were hanging in the gallery. All are signed and numbered, and are the first prints of a maximum of twenty-five of any size. They are in brushed silver frames with white mats. They come signed and numbered, with a certificate of authority on the back.

You can contact me via my <a href=mail to>email address</a>, message me on Facebook, or text me.

The first three are 12×8 (or 8×12) prints in 17×13 (13×17) frames.
PRICE: $175 (add 9.25% tax for California residents).

Dark Purple Nigella Damascena

Tidy Tips Flower with Baby Blue Eyes and Redstem Storks Bill

Purple Viola with Water Drops

The print below is 11×16.5 and is in a 17×22 frame.
PRICE: $215 (add 9.25% tax for California residents).

Lathyrus (I)

The following six are 18×12 (or 12×18), in 19×25 (25×19) frames.
PRICE: $250 (add 9.25% tax for California residents).

Blue Morning Glory with Water Drops

Bright Red & Pink Poppy


Osteospermum (II)

Three Sunflowers

Veronica Spicata (I)

2 thoughts on “Gallery Closure — A Sad Day

  1.  Hi Patty, I have a question and I’m not sure I know the correct way to ask it. My apologies in advance fro not being knowledgeable about the proper words to use. Regarding the framed prints you offer…. Are the prints actual photographs or prints that have been printed by a printer. What is the process for duplication? Matte or glossy? Framed with glass? Is glass glare proof? Thank you for being patient with my questions. I admire your artistic work so much. Fondly, Rosemarie

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    1. Because I use a digital camera no film is involved. I print images on Red River Ultra Pro Satin paper. These are called photographic prints. These prints have plexiglass and it’s not anti-glare but I can replace with that for an extra fee. I hope this answers your questions! Feel free to ask away!


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