Want to Shop from Home?

If you want to avoid going in to stores, and feel like supporting a small business, I hope you consider the gift of cards or prints. I have “basic” prints that are less costly, and I have fully framed prints, although at this point I will only sell using the frames I have in stock since it’s unlikely an order would arrive in time for me to then frame and ship it out.

Most images I post here are print-worthy, but I can assure you I won’t sell something that doesn’t print as well as I would like. That can happen sometimes: it looks great on a computer, with that marvelous backlit screen, and then just doesn’t live up to my expectations as a print. If I’m not happy, I won’t sell it.

I am able to gift wrap any purchases, and can send your order to you or to the recipient. (Purchaser pays for shipping, but gift wrap is free.)

Card Sales Page

Christmas & Holiday Cards Sales Page

Print Sales Page

So think about it, and get back to me quickly. Time will now pass VERY quickly, and with postal service being a bit slower in this bizarre time you want to get things out on the early side. (And if I can’t get it done in time I’ll be sure and let you know.)

Questions? Please email me!

Gallery Closure — A Sad Day Ji

The gallery where Dan and I were showing some prints has had to call it quits. They opened and shortly after Covid hit. The owners simply couldn’t continue paying for a gallery that can’t open for who knows how long. Today was the sad day we went to collect all of our work. I now have a number of prints that are longing for a wall. (In addition I have a fair number of others I will share soon: I had gotten a bit ambitious and matted and framed even more.) Below are the images that were hanging in the gallery. All are signed and numbered, and are the first prints of a maximum of twenty-five of any size. They are in brushed silver frames with white matts.

I have decided to offer these at a discount: I am deducting 20% from the normal prices! (Purchaser covers shipping costs.)

You can contact me via my <a href=mail to patty@patriciaemersonmitchell.com>email address</a>, message me on Facebook, or text me.

The first three are 12×8 (or 8×12) prints in 17×13 (13×17) frames.
PRICE: $175 $140 (add 9.25% tax for California residents).

Dark Purple Nigella Damascena

Tidy Tips Flower with Baby Blue Eyes and Redstem Storks Bill

Purple Viola with Water Drops


The print below is 11×16.5 and is in a 17×22 frame.
PRICE: $215 $172 (add 9.25% tax for California residents).

Lathyrus (I)


The following six are 18×12 (or 12×18), in 19×25 (25×19) frames.
PRICE: $250 $200 (add 9.25% tax for California residents).

Blue Morning Glory with Water Drops

Bright Red & Pink Poppy


Osteospermum (II)

Three Sunflowers

Veronica Spicata (I)

Print Delivered

It took a bit longer to arrive, but I will certainly cut the USPS some slack, what with all they are doing. (They are unsung heroes at the moment, in my opinion.) My print arrived at the buyer’s house yesterday and she has already sent me a photo of it. There is nothing like seeing one’s work on someone else’s wall!

I normally do a simple brushed silver frame, but the buyer had requested wood with some gold in it because the room has other frames like that and she didn’t think silver would work well. It was fun to choose something different, and Frame Destination did a marvelous job!

Thank you, Irene, for your purchase and for sharing your photo of the print with me!

Ready To Ship … But When?

In my effort to stay home, be responsible, flatten the curve … all that … I’ve not been to a store since February 27, not been in a car since March 12, and I can’t remember when I was last at the Post Office to check our box. This means, though, that while I have a purchase ready to go it is sitting in my guest room, just waiting. And waiting. I’m pondering — should I mask and glove myself and head to the post office? Do I wait for months on end? (I think this shelter in place order will be lengthened: right now it goes until May 3.) What to do?

This was the first time I framed an image in something other than the plain, brushed silver frames I use. The client (and friend!) had said the silver would clash with her other framed work, so we did a little search on Frame Destination and found this frame. I think it works well with this image.

Irene’s Print:

Framed Print CLEARANCE!

I am selling some older, framed prints. They have been here for a while, and I would like to offer a huge discount to move them out. (Purchaser pays for shipping & handling, but you can always schedule a meet up and skip that!)

These images were featured at Top Nosh or Stellar Gallery back in 2015. Since then they’ve been here at home.

For all of these the white border of print includes: print number (#1), printing date, title and signature. A certificate of authenticity is included as well.

Contact me at patty at patriciaemersonmitchell dot com (If you have my phone number you can also text me there. If you don’t, email me and I’ll supply that.)

  • 24×32 FRAMED IMAGE:

Pink Magnolia, 2.17.14
Printed: 02.17.15
Created: 02.14.15
Size: 16″x24″ print, archival mat and 24″x32″ brushed silver frame
Price: $425 $225

  • 19×24 FRAMED IMAGES:

Agave Points, 9.23.14
Printed: 02.22.15
Created: 09.23.14
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Pink & Gray, 9.17.14
Printed: 02.10.15
Created: 09.17.14
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Different Curves

Printed: 01.26.15
Created: 03.21.14
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Upright Bird, 10.24.13
Printed: 02.23.15
Created: 10.24.13
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Red Ranunculus, 3.5.14
Printed: 02.09.15
Created: 03.05.14
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Hourglass Curves

Printed: 01.26.15
Created: 06.20.13
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Bird of Paradise, 2.18.15
Printed: 02.22.15
Created: 02.18.15
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Green, 2.2.15
Printed: 02.02.15
Created: 06.13.14
Size: 12″x18″ print, archival mat and 19″x25″ brushed silver frame
Price: $250 $125

Matted, Framed, and Ready To Find a Home

I have some prints that I’ve framed and have sitting here that are looking for a home.  (Hover over images to read more about each. Click on image to see larger and separately) All of these are my premium prints, signed, numbered and come with the certificate of authenticity.

These are matted, but have yet to be framed. Prices depend upon whether you choose plain prints ($60), matted ($100), or matted and framed ($175).

Finished Shopping?


Don’t forget the gift of art! I have cards and prints and they would love to grace your home, along with the homes of your friends.

Contact me at patty@patriciaemersonmitchell.com if you have questions or wish to order something. Tomorrow is the last day I can accept an order for Christmas.

Below are just some of the links to give you ideas …

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 9.28.07 AM

Today I am delivering a few items to a friend and I’m pleased to say I now have something new … floral triptychs! These are merely iPhone shots, but they can give you an idea of what I am doing. (Clearly I need to get better images of these at some point. But for now these will have to suffice.)



Current Card Collections

I was alerted this morning: my email address on ALL my card collections was incorrect! I suppose it’s been that way forever, so I wonder if anyone tried to contact me and gave up. Because of that I’m posting my entire card collection series here (which means this is one long post!). Prices and other information follows the images.

These are boxed sets, put together for your convenience, so you don’t have to peruse every photo I have. Feel free, however, to put your own box together. If you choose photos, simply email me with the full name of the image.

Abstract Flora

All The Little Water Drops

California Poppies

Camellias (Set One)

Camellias (Set Two)

Color & White

Dahlias (Set One)

Dahlias (Set Two)

Mostly White

On White

Pastel Rose Collection

Purple & Green Series

Rainbow of Roses

Seeing Red

Succulents (Set One)

Succulents (Set Two)

The Blues

The Flower Patch

Whites On White Linen


  • 5×5″x4.25″: $26
  • 6.25″x4.5″: 8 for $34
  • 7″x5″: 8 for $42

Single Images of your choosing:

  • Postcards 4″x6″: 10 cards for $10; 24 cards for $20
  • 5×5″x4.25″: 1 card for $4, 5 cards for $17.50; 8 cards for $26; 24 for $75
  • 6.25″x4.5″: 1 card for $5, 5 cards for $22.50; 8 cards for $34, 24 for $100
  • 7″x5″: 1 card for $6, 5 cards for $27.50; 8 cards for $42; 24 for $125

**Sales tax will be added for California residents.

To order please email me with your order request and I will provide a price quote. Payment may be made by check (mail to me at 1165 Lincoln Ave. #8655, San Jose CA 95155), Zelle with a bank transfer (send to: patty@patriciaemersonmitchell.com or Paypal (same email address).

General Card Sales Page

Updated Card Collection Page

I’ve updated my card collection page with all current card boxes. If you are thinking of Christmas or holiday gift boxes now would be a good time to contact me. I’m especially excited about my lates, the Pastel Rose Collection

… but of course there are many more, and I will now be putting together some Christmas cards for any who are interested. I do have a few already, but I’ve yet to put together some boxed sets.

Feel free to contact me at patty @ patricia emerson mitchell [dot] com (you can figure that out, yes? I’m hoping to fool the bots!) if you’d like to place an order for a collection or if you’d like to put together your own collection. I’m happy to do that as well!

Another fave is the Purple & Green Series: