Want to Shop from Home?

If you want to avoid going in to stores, and feel like supporting a small business, I hope you consider the gift of cards or prints. I have “basic” prints that are less costly, and I have fully framed prints, although at this point I will only sell using the frames I have in stock since it’s unlikely an order would arrive in time for me to then frame and ship it out.

Most images I post here are print-worthy, but I can assure you I won’t sell something that doesn’t print as well as I would like. That can happen sometimes: it looks great on a computer, with that marvelous backlit screen, and then just doesn’t live up to my expectations as a print. If I’m not happy, I won’t sell it.

I am able to gift wrap any purchases, and can send your order to you or to the recipient. (Purchaser pays for shipping, but gift wrap is free.)

Card Sales Page

Christmas & Holiday Cards Sales Page

Print Sales Page

So think about it, and get back to me quickly. Time will now pass VERY quickly, and with postal service being a bit slower in this bizarre time you want to get things out on the early side. (And if I can’t get it done in time I’ll be sure and let you know.)

Questions? Please email me!

A New Card Page

Since several people have now ordered holiday cards I thought I’d put together a page showing both the card collections and some individual cards that I think work well. Do take a look!

I have to apologize for the formatting, though: for the life of me I can’t figure out how to remove a few unnecessary lines there, and ever since WordPress switched to their “new and improved” way of having us do these entries it’s been confusing, annoying, and doesn’t always work properly. (It took me hours, in fact, to get the page up and running at all!)

But if you want to see the options for Christmas and Holiday cards the page is now working.

I hope!

Gift Giving?

I realize it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but this year many of us will be sending gifts through the mail rather than delivering them in person or having people in our homes. If you are interested in sending any boxed card sets I am ready and willing to start the printing! In addition, I will wrap any gifts for free, and then send them off to the address(es) you provide. (I do charge for shipping.)

For now wrapping paper will be what is called “Kraft paper” (a natural light brown color), with accents of either blue, black red, or white and raffia ribbon will be the finishing touch. If enough request it I will purchase distinctly Christmas, other holiday, or birthday wrapping paper, but I think these work well for many holidays, and adding a red and/or green raffia ribbon certainly gives the package the Christmas vibe!

You can select boxed cards by visiting the Card Collection page. There are a lot of options to choose from. If, instead, you have a particular idea for a series and want me to put something new together please feel free to contact me. I love assignments like that, and I assure you if I can’t make it work I will let you know: I refuse to put something together that I think isn’t good enough.

Of course you can also purchase prints, like the one above, and I will package and send those off as well. If you order prints without mats and frames those are shipped rather quickly, but most people prefer at least the matted work, and my frame stock isn’t huge so it’s possible I’d have to order supplies for that, so these need a bit of time to prepare. Prices are listed on the print page.

The Christmas Red Series

I have another set of cards to share! This time what you see here are the cropped cards for the smaller size, my 4.25×5.5 cards. Normally I show the “all of it” for cards, but I thought I’d first share exactly what you’d see if you purchased this size.

Why no roses, you might ask? Because I already have a boxed set of red roses, and I wanted to do some other flowers. That’s why.

Can you name these flowers?

Oh … and obviously these don’t have to be Christmas cards! They work for other occasions as well. (Can anyone say Valentine’s Day?)


Ornament Card Collection In Process

Here is the first of the Christmas card collections in the works. I’m also planning on a Succulent collection , Winter Wonderland collection, and perhaps some Sparkling sort of collection. It’s possible I’ll also have one of various red flowers, but time will tell. Of course you can also mix and match. It’s going to take a bit of time to put these together, but I thought I’d give folks a glimpse at the plan by showing these. If you have something specific you think would be fun let me know and I’ll see what I can do!