Spring Onions

Dan has his garden growing, and the onions got a bit ahead of us. I thought they were so lovely, though, and I’m playing around with them a bit. This is a shot I made from a bunch that had been put in a vase. It’s hand held, because I was just playing around. A tripod would be a much better choice, and I might opt to go back and play some more. Meanwhile …

Spring Onions in Monochrome, 5.16.20

First Try

I’d love to go back with a different lens and try to do this one again, but it is at least a three mile walk away and I don’t think I’ll get there this week. ¬†Oh well. For a first try this will have to do.

The fun thing is that I now know the name of both of the plants. I already knew about the rush (the green), whose Latin name is Equisetum hyemale, but now I know the other as well, thanks to “Plant Plant ID” on Facebook. the people in that group are amazing.

Equisetum hyemale & Calocephalus, 5.11.20

Confusion with Plants

I need to remember to take “all of it” shots with plans. Sometimes I (finally) do! A few months back I’d shot a plant that had yet to flower and a group I belong to on Facebook thought they’d identified it but said I need to get one of those “all of it” images and it would also be helpful when it flowers. Here is the plant I finally sent them:

A month or so loater I ran across another plant that HAD flowered and thought, “Ah-hah, this is it!” And so I let them know it was a Ceanothus ground cover of some sort. They graciously accepted that, although they had identified it as something else. But then yesterday I was out and spotted another plant and it had different flowers. Here is that shot. It is a Cistus:

Today I went out to find the one that I had identified as Ceanothus. I think you can see why I might have been confused. They aren’t identical, but they are similar enough that when I’m not seeing both together I forget the color difference and leaf shape difference. I realize others might remember things better. But not I!