On To Mid-April!

I’ve managed to get to mid-April in my “image purge” quest. I’ve found a lot of bad images, but I’ve also found a good number that are deserving of some time and attention. Mostly it’s been great fun to go through these months of trips and walks: the memories are enough to make the quest worthwhile, but the photos I’m finding will be fun to share.

I’d share this particular one as a good night flower except, well, it’s not a flower! The plant (it’s an annual herb and this one was seen at a local park Dan and I hiked in) does have flowers, but these seed pods are the more interesting thing about them as far as I’m concerned.

You might notice there is a I by the name: you will be seeing another .. maybe as early as tomorrow. Time will tell.

Thysanocarpus (I), 4.15.19

Good Morning

I was looking for the “Fourth of July Rose” in my past years’ shots, but never managed to find it. (Thus, the other image you saw last night for the Goodnight Flower.) But as I was quickly perusing 2013 I found this image. I worked on it a wee bit. And I like it. So I greet you with an icy photo this morning, despite our current warm month.

This reminds me, though, that I meant to take time while I have absolutely no playing work to go through years and years of photos. Who knows what I’ll find that I ignored earlier?

Grass with Frozen Water Drops, 12.5.13

First Shot

I took an almost 6 mile walk today, despite it being rather windy. It was lovely to get out in the morning, when the temperature was in the low 60s. I prefer my walking weather to be somewhere between 55° and 65°.

At first I wasn’t sure I’d be using the camera at all, but when I saw this Phormium (at least I’m fairly sure that’s what it is!) I just had to stop. The colors and lines appeal to me.

The wind died down a bit later on, so I did manage a few more images that might make it here at some point.

First Shot: Phormium Lines & Colors, 6.17.19