From Today’s Walk

I don’t always have a specific plan when I walk. In fact, most times, my feet just sort of go and since I’m attached to my feet I go along. Today, though, I knew I wanted to get to a certain yard that is around two miles away. I thought I might be too late to catch all the poppies, and it turned out that I was a bit late, but there were still some blooming, along with some Larkspur, Statice and Eschscholzia californica (California poppies).

Here is my first shot … a rather tired looking poppy, but still hanging in there.

First Shot: Red Poppy, 5.29.19

A Short Walk and Very Few Photos

My brain is so preoccupied with the stuff of life that my walk today was rather labored. This happens when I am distracted. My feet were slow and everything felt heavy. But of course I still saw a few things that did stop me and cause me to pull out the camera. Sun shining through an agave is one of those things.

Sunlit Agave, 5.24.19

First Shot

Some images are merely record shots and this will probably be put in that category. Still, it’s a dogwood, and I love those, plus it’s a plant very near our house. So many people have taken out their dogwoods, but these people put in two lovely trees, one of which is in full bloom.

First Shot: Dogwood, 5.8.19