A Short Walk and Very Few Photos

My brain is so preoccupied with the stuff of life that my walk today was rather labored. This happens when I am distracted. My feet were slow and everything felt heavy. But of course I still saw a few things that did stop me and cause me to pull out the camera. Sun shining through an agave is one of those things.

Sunlit Agave, 5.24.19

First Shot

The last time I used my camera, aside from iPhone shots, was January 4. That’s the longest I’ve gone without doing one thing with a camera for a very long time! ¬†First it was due to a bad foot. Then it was a bad cold. Now I have a bad knee but I was not going to allow that to stop me getting out for at least a short walk. I didn’t do much, but there’s always a first shot.

I can’t imagine doing anything big with this image, but I’m delighted that I got out, and this was a lovely plant. And of course a first shot is a first shot! I do hope I’ve identified it correctly.

First Shot: Euphorbia trigona, 2.11.19