Have a Bit of Green

I remember exactly where this plant is growing, even while this particular image is from 2016. I could easily walk right back and find it again. I’ve done so a few times, in fact. It just really caught my eye, it’s so interesting. I sent a larger image off to a plant ID group. I’m hoping to have a name soon and I’ll post that here when I learn what this is. Meanwhile … enjoy!

Spines on Green, 1.27.16

Working With Succulents

It’s been eons since I’ve written anything here. I could pretend that it is all Covid-19’s fault but, truth be told, I’ve simply been unable to think about anything to write. I think my brain is on vacation, even if I’m not able to go on one! (In addition my husband is an amazing writer and it’s obvious I don’t have that talent.) But I will force myself to write — perhaps once a week I will attempt to put a little something here so I’m not only posting Goodnight Flowers.

So here goes …

I absolutely adore making images of succulents because I have become so fond of the plants. I doubt I’ll ever tire of them! They are so varied, have such wonderful lines, and the colors … well … that remains a fun challenge! Was it really as blue as I am seeing on the screen? Did the green come out correctly? Sometimes I have to go back several times to verify that, indeed, it was that color! (I had to, in fact, move the slider a bit to the right to make this image below less blue, as it just seemed wrong to me. I hope I’ve gotten it right now.) Color is quite an interesting thing: I once took several images of the same flower, all within second of each other, but due to the light changing the color of the flower was vastly different in each photo.) And how much do I want to show? Some of the images I’ve posted here are merely an inch of a plant, if not less. Some are (as with this one) a wee bit more than an inch.

Agave (I), 6.20.20

In My Neighborhood

I have not been in a car since March 12. I wonder how much longer I will not be in a car. (We aren’t supposed to travel except for “essential travel” now. I have no essential traveling to do!) I don’t miss driving at all, and there is so much to see so close to my home.

Here … have this succulent image, which was probably less than a mile from my house:

Aeonium arboreum, 3.27.20

A Short Walk and Very Few Photos

My brain is so preoccupied with the stuff of life that my walk today was rather labored. This happens when I am distracted. My feet were slow and everything felt heavy. But of course I still saw a few things that did stop me and cause me to pull out the camera. Sun shining through an agave is one of those things.

Sunlit Agave, 5.24.19