My Comfort Zone


First Shot: Cactus with Morning Dew, 12.23.14

I am most comfortable with the macro lens. I just love the “Small Of It”, I guess. (I talk a lot to Dan about the “All Of It” when it comes to landscape photography. Yes, I do shoot landscapes, but I find them quite overwhelming much of the time.) I knew I had to “get back on the bike”, as one might say, after yesterday. I went to bed last night feeling rather unsuccessful, and that’s a bad place to be.

Off I went this morning, on one of my little walks. It wasn’t a long one — not quite five miles this time — but I ended up at a favorite house. The home owner has lots of succulents in the front: clearly a water-wise yard! This time of year she decorates her succulents with Christmas ornaments, and I had deliberately walked that way to see what she’d done. Fortunately she was in front, so I could ask if I could roam the yard. She said yes, and I had a wonderful time.

This is just my first shot of the day … no ornaments yet, other than the sparking dew. The plant really glistened in the sunlight.

I came home happy.