Today’s Featured Boxed Cards: A Lot of Red

I’ve decided to feature some boxed card sets each morning until I’ve put them all up. I have quite a number, so sometimes I’ll feature only one more frequently I’ll share more than that, as I am doing today.

I love sending cards. Sometimes just to let people know I’m thinking of them: nothing like a card “pick me up” to brighten someone’s day. Have you sent someone special a card recently?

These boxed sets are also great gifts, and shopping here is pretty darn easy! I can ship to the purchaser’s address or directly to the gift recipient. (If you wish to have me do the latter I will also gift wrap for free if you request that.)

In case you can’t figure it out, today’s boxes feature a whole lot of red.

This first box is my Red Flora box. These can be used for a Christmas card collection or Valentine’s Day card, but of course can also work for other occasions as well. In addition, a boxed set of cards makes a lovely gift! Read more about these by going to the Red Flora page.

RED is … well … a whole lot of red! Again, great for Christmas, but who says you can only do reds for Christmas, right?

I think my Seeing Red collection was especially lovely … so many red roses!

And then there are the Red Poppies. An absolute fave of mine!

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