The Roses I Like

I’ve had some folks puzzle over why I like certain roses. Koko Loco is one favorite of mine, and a friend says it just looks dirty to her, as the color is somewhat brown before it turns to a lavender. I also enjoy Hot Cocoa, which can have a bit of brown in it as well … guess I like that tint!

This one below, Sheila Macqueen, is another I adore. It can come in a variety of shades, and the first time I saw it the blooms were quite green. I adore green flowers! Here you see it with tinges of green, but also (clearly) other colors.

Sheila Macqueen was a flower arranger, and arranged the flowers for both the coronation and wedding of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as designing flower arrangements for the wedding reception of Prince Charles to Princess Diana. She also authored flower arranging books, all of which appear to now be out of print. At some point I read that she wasn’t well respected by some, but I can’t seem to find that article online now. I think she was too old fashioned for some.

Sheila Macqueen Rose, 5.8.17

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