Stuck @ Home

Covid has kept me home aside from my daily walks. And now? SMOKE. We are still unable to open our windows, and walks have been out of the question due to the bad air, but then I see the numbers from friends and realize that it’s not as horrendous here.

To distract myself I continue to look at old photos. This one was tricky to work with and I had to desaturate it more than you could imagine in order for it to be viewable and even now it’s barely believable. But honestly, it was this intense!

Persian Flame Rose, 4.17.17

Roses Have Eyes

I’ve just enjoyed my cappuccino and now it’s time to take a short but sweet nap before students “arrive” (via Zoom). But first? Well, I hope this makes you smile. It caused me to laugh, actually. I didn’t see it as eyes when I was shooting, but the minute it appeared on my screen I sure did! But maybe it’s just me …?

Who You Lookin’ At?, 5.1.20

First Shot

I took a nice 4.6 mile walk today, but stopped very little and shot even less: this is the month of breezes. It’s rather difficult to shoot close ups of flowers when it’s windy. These roses, though … well … they had no choice but to cooperate. These were spotted on the side of Willow Glen High School and no, I didn’t arrange them.

Shortly after making this shot I passed by the Willow Glen High chickens. Yes. They have chickens. I heard them before I saw them, and I wondered how they were being cared for. When I reached them I saw a sign saying they knew people were concerned and yes, someone was coming daily to care for them and we weren’t to feed them. There was a family there observing them. I was going to take a few photos, but I felt that might make the family uncomfortable so I’ll have to return at a later date.

For now, though, have my first shot.

First Shot: Sidewalk Roses, 4.24.20

Two Years Ago Today

I was thinking about walking to a rose garden today, but decided that it really wasn’t a good idea at the moment. Turns out that two years ago I had this idea as well … and went. This is the first rose I shot at the Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose. I do miss my very long walks, but I can’t seem to get myself to go as far right now.

Duchesse De Grammont Rose, 4.23.18