First Shot

I took a nice 4.6 mile walk today, but stopped very little and shot even less: this is the month of breezes. It’s rather difficult to shoot close ups of flowers when it’s windy. These roses, though … well … they had no choice but to cooperate. These were spotted on the side of Willow Glen High School and no, I didn’t arrange them.

Shortly after making this shot I passed by the Willow Glen High chickens. Yes. They have chickens. I heard them before I saw them, and I wondered how they were being cared for. When I reached them I saw a sign saying they knew people were concerned and yes, someone was coming daily to care for them and we weren’t to feed them. There was a family there observing them. I was going to take a few photos, but I felt that might make the family uncomfortable so I’ll have to return at a later date.

For now, though, have my first shot.

First Shot: Sidewalk Roses, 4.24.20

Two Years Ago Today

I was thinking about walking to a rose garden today, but decided that it really wasn’t a good idea at the moment. Turns out that two years ago I had this idea as well … and went. This is the first rose I shot at the Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose. I do miss my very long walks, but I can’t seem to get myself to go as far right now.

Duchesse De Grammont Rose, 4.23.18