Goodnight Flower

I have to confess that sometimes I’m running on empty when it comes to my goodnight flowers. It’s not as if I don’t have a folder FULL of images I could post, but it’s just that sometimes nothing speaks to me at the moment. In addition, it gets tricky: I feel the pressure of showing something completely new and unusual, but I don’t always have something new and unusual! So I hesitate posting at all … but how can I possibly not post a goodnight flower? My day would be, I fear, incomplete. And so I continue to post, and on occasion I’m not altogether thrilled with the flower(s) I post, but I’m at least satisfied, knowing that I’ve not skipped a day for at least 2617 days and possibly more, since I’m not certain that I always named the evening post a “Goodnight Flower” when I began this floral journey.

And there you have it. My excuse for posting yet another image of some Osteospermum! (And yes, they really were this amazing color.)

Osteospermum Patch, 3.8.22