Goodnight Flower

This is some sort of Polygala, and I was guessing myrtifolia until I started looking online and saw one called Polygala x dalmaisiana that also looks like this. Maybe a reader can help me. In any case, it is surely a Polygala. A common name is sweet pea bush. No matter the name, I find it quite lovely.

Polygala, 2.9.18

Goodnight Flower

When I post a rose with a name it’s quite likely it was from a garden, and this is true with this one. This is from one of my many walks to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden As I’m busy creating my new Lightroom catalogs I find myself totally distracted by the images I have in each folder, and I’m rather surprised with my findings. Some images are so bad I laugh out loud. Others are good enough that I wonder why I didn’t do anything with them. The best part about looking everything over is coming across some that jog my memory. I’ve had some pretty wonderful walks! I look forward to the day when I can go out again.

(You might notice — then again you might not! — the copyright date is 2019. While this was shot in 2015, I only worked on it today: the copyright date is the date the image was completed rather than the day it was shot.)

Home Run Rose, 9.24.15

Goodnight Flower

Some of these images were done quite some time ago and have been waiting to get their goodnight flower moment. Some no longer appeal to me as much as they did when I first made them, while others have improved with time. In some instances (and this is one of them) I think I’d like to go back and rework an image. For now, though it will stand as is: I’m tired and I hear a pillow calling my name.

I tend to confuse geraniums and pelargoniums and I have to look them up frequently. I believe this is the Geranium x magnificum, also called the Purple Cranesbill. Having again looked things up I’m certain it is a Geranium and not a Pelargonium,

Oh, and talk about confusing, get this: the Pelargonium’s common name is geranium, while the Geranium’s common name is cranesbill. Oh … but the Pelargonium  also has the common name storksbills … or pelargonium.

Yeah, it leaves me scratching my head!

Purple Geranium (II), 11.20.17