Happy Wednesday Morning to You!

I just wrote this on Facebook:

Just a heads up: I am taking August off of all these Social Media sites. I will continue to post my Goodnight Flowers on my site (I’ll post the URL in the comments later), so please visit there if you want to see them. I just think it’s good to take the occasional break … it’s like “Dry January” in a way. Can I live without Social Media? Am I still a person without it? I do believe so! Will I miss you? Yes, I believe that I will. 

I’ve thought about quitting SM all entirely, but I know if I do that I won’t “see” some of you again while I roam this dusty planet. And that would make me sad. So I’m pretty darn sure I’ll be back, come September. 

In case you worry about my leaving, please don’t. (I’m the Queen of Worry, so maybe I’m only projecting here!) I’m fine. I just need to step away and check in to Real Life a bit more. 

So today is July 27. This gives me a few more days to waste hours of time in front of the screen. After that we’ll see how I do, and if a Social Media Vacation makes me smarter or dumber. Or will I change at all? Time will tell!

Here, have a Wednesday morning image. Don’t step on these, though. They are huge ouchies!

Fallen, 3.23.17

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