From Our Pack Trip

I’ve had very little time to look back at the photos from our photography pack trip (following that week we did two other trips: August was quite the full month for travel!), but perhaps this month will allow for more. I finally did work on this one image: when I saw this rock I found it rather humorous. I don’t know if anyone else on our trip saw it the same way, and I neglected to ask while we were on the trip, but I revisited it several times.

It’s impossible to tell the size of this rock from the image, but I can tell you it was quite huge, rather than those smaller images we get of rocks we find interesting (I have some of those too, though, and I’ll share them eventually). I was looking across an expanse and spotted all the faces. Perhaps you’ll see them as well. You can pretty easily see a couple of faces, but if you continue to peer at the rock you just might find more.

Or maybe I just have a crazy imagination.

Rock Faces, 8.8.22

7 thoughts on “From Our Pack Trip

  1. Good afternoon,
    I do see faces. That is an interesting section of rock. I happen to like rocks big, small or in between. I think that is part of why some places hold so much appeal. Stay cool.


      1. Oh, I can relate. Our apartment building does not have AC, I do have a fan but…I’m also in an upstairs apartment. I feel like I am in a cave as I keep the blinds shut to keep the heat out. I ate some icy cold watermelon for a snack. Yummy & cold!


  2. I had Caprese Salad last night made with Heirloom tomatoes. So tasty. I’m not turning on my stove! Nice picture of you. 🤩


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