Looking Back

Between the horrible fires in our area and Covid-19 I’m not as likely to head out on a walk with a camera. Truth be told, I’m less likely to walk at all! Because of this I’m doing a lot of looking back at past years. It’s been fun to remember wonderful times I’ve had; I’ve been so fortunate to get to travel a lot these past eight years or so after a lot of years of very little excursions.

Today I thought I’d share a few images from a backpack trip I took in 2017. A photography group allowed me to tag along, and it was such a wonderful time. These days I wonder if it was the last trip I’ll ever take. One never knows! Here are a few more intimate images I made on that trip.

Sierra Still Life I, 8.31.17

Sierra Still Life II, 8.31.17

Reminder to Self: Stop Being So Lazy!

I’ve heard that “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

Um. Sure. Thing is, if you don’t get THAT camera out of your backpack and only use your phone you suffer the consequences. So here is my “I was too lazy and used the iPhone” shot. It works fine … but only in this size. Sigh.

John Muir Wilderness

First Day, Heading In To Our Destination, 8.26.17