Filoli’s Percy

I took a nice little visit to Filoli today, and hit it at a good time: great cloud cover but no rain and very little breeze until I was nearing time to leave.

Percy greeted visitors today just as he did the last time I came. He was right by the visitor’s center and nearly impossible, really, to miss. Smart move, you show-off! Clearly he was ready for his close-up.

Percy, 4.11.17Percy,_4.11.17.jpg

First Shot

I hadn’t used my 5D Mark II in a long time, and had managed to forget I needed to reset a few things. This is my first shot of the year, prior to remembering it was not quite set up properly. Sometimes blur is okay. Sometimes not. I’m still deciding on this one. And yes, it was early morning and rather dark. Now what I really want to know is what are those beams of light coming from below?

In any case … happy 2017! Have you set up the new date in Lightroom yet? (If you use that.)

First Shot: Birds & Lights, 1.1.17First_Shot-_Birds_&_Lights,_1.1.17.jpg

Bad Surprise, Good Surprise

Since today is my “weekend” I thought I’d try to get a fairly decent walk in, despite having some pressing matters that needed attention. The walk started out nicely, but about two miles in I witnessed a car crash and had to deal with calling 911. Fortunately no one was killed, but one man was bleeding rather badly and it did shake me up a wee bit. I decided, after that, to go back home, but then I saw a few flowers and thought perhaps using the camera would calm me down. When I was very close to home I saw a man in front of a house that sits next to my sister’s former rental. He saw me with the camera and invited me back to see a wonderful sight. I only wish I’d had my other lens with me! If you look carefully you’ll see three beaks. This did take my mind off the accident, to be sure.

Hummingbird Nest, 5.16.16Hummingbird_Nest,_5.16.16.jpg