Looking Back

I would love to be so disciplined I wouldn’t keep bouncing back and forth between not only months but also years, but I’m just not very good at that. I would like to be so disciplined and organized, in fact, that I had records of anything I’ve posted here and on social media. Alas, I’ve not done that.

A short time ago I thought, “Okay, it’s time to start at the beginning of 2019 and do some record keeping. I can at least keep track of any images I’ve exported!” (Lightroom shows what has been exported, and if I’ve given an image a title I know I’ve posted it somewhere.) So I went back to January 1.

Yes, I was quickly distracted. The image below was only shot #25 according to Lightroom (I did probably delete a few massive failures earlier, so it might not be the 25th shot of the year.) I don’t know if I can make this one work, but for now I’ll post it as it stands so far. It might change. It might get trashed. I’m never sure until I’ve sat with something for a while. But these colors … yes, they are real colors … this is what happens when you wake up at some horrendous hour in the morning so that you can greet the new year with the sunrise and friends. (It actually IS worth the early rising, but that doesn’t stop me from grumbling about it!)

Water Abstract, 1.1.19

Back to the Start

Having gone through April 2017 once, I’ve decided to start at the beginning of the year and move through each month in order. I’m sure that’s a much more sensible way to go! This first shot is from our annual visit to welcome in the new year with some good friends and lots of birds. No birds or friends in this shot, though.

Morning on the Pond, 7:22 AM, 1.1.17Morning_on_the_Pond,_7-22_AM,_1.1.17.jpg

Looking Back

… again … as I’m still going through a certain folder. I have reached 2017, which means I’m nearing the end of that folder. This image reminds me of a sort of silouette-ish close-to-sepia-toned picture my mom had on her family room wall. I could kick myself for not taking it when we were cleaning out her house: ah, hindsight!

4:34 PM on 1.1.17

Looking Back

I was looking in Lightroom for images of friends so I could put little photos into my contact list (it’s always nice to see the person’s image on iMessage … at least I think so!), so I ended up going over old photos that I never really looked at. (Sometimes after getting home from a trip I get the photos in Lightroom and then forget about that, which is rather silly, but oh well!)

You can see that this is from a while back … I don’t even remember the day, to be honest, but from what I’m seeing in Lightroom I do believe I had a lovely time.

7:23 PM on 4.3.14