On To Mid-April!

I’ve managed to get to mid-April in my “image purge” quest. I’ve found a lot of bad images, but I’ve also found a good number that are deserving of some time and attention. Mostly it’s been great fun to go through these months of trips and walks: the memories are enough to make the quest worthwhile, but the photos I’m finding will be fun to share.

I’d share this particular one as a good night flower except, well, it’s not a flower! The plant (it’s an annual herb and this one was seen at a local park Dan and I hiked in) does have flowers, but these seed pods are the more interesting thing about them as far as I’m concerned.

You might notice there is a I by the name: you will be seeing another .. maybe as early as tomorrow. Time will tell.

Thysanocarpus (I), 4.15.19