Not a Fan of Ants

… and yet here I am, posting a photo of one. Go figure!

I continue load images into Lightroom after doing something that caused them all to have to reload. I’m not sure what I did, but there you go … it’s taking a lot of time, but as they load I do get to revisit places I’ve visited, and photos I took. Including this one. The ant gives you an idea of the size of these small catmint flowers.

Wishing all who are in California a SAFE day, as we deal with yet more weather. I just may stay inside the whole day. Could even clean the house.

Miracles ARE possible, after all.

Catmint or Antmint? 6.13.18

The Tongue

Okay, it’s not really a tongue! It’s a proboscis, yes? But I’d not seen a forked one before, and I certainly didn’t notice it while I was making this, so it was a little surprise when I looked at the image at home. I looked it up and there are bees with this type of proboscis out there. The other possibility, of course, is that there is a bit of pollen on the the proboscis that causes it to appear forked. I’m hoping that’s not the case. No matter, I still like the image of this little guy!

Forked Tongue, 5.14.15Forked_Tongue,_5.14.15