Ah, Paris!

Dan has been revisiting his work from Paris, so that got me looking at my old stuff. I’m not at a point where I’ll be sharing anything from the good camera, but when I saw this iPhone shot it just made me smile. Yes, I cut off the top of the clock … I was standing in a spot that did that no matter what. There were so many people taking photos I had to quickly snap some while no one was standing in front of the clock … that didn’t happen very often!

Time For Paris, 8.12.16


I had grown tired of the theme of this site, so I was investigating other options. While doing so I accidentally activated one I didn’t like. Having totally forgotten the name of the theme I was using I had to quickly find something that would suffice as I check out more themes. (Is there one that makes the main area, where images are shown, larger? Surely so?! )

Meanwhile, have this image. I spotted this on a wall when Dan and I were on a walk in Le Marais, back in 2018. There were other hearts on walls nearby. It was sweet.

MON COEUR, 9.1.18

A Long Trip

Dan and I took a long trip — 40 days, in fact. We went to a number of places, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot of images once I get the time and energy to work on things. I had to jump right back into work, so I’ve not been able to do much with all the images I took, but I put together ten cards to give to a couple of people, so I at least have those. Here are a few of Paris in the evening.

Louvre PyramidLouvre_Pyramid.jpg

The Seine at NightThe_Seine_at_Night.jpg