The Before Time

Yesterday I hit a wall. Part of the reason has to do, I think, with something good which I might write about later, but I believe, too, that the month of March is just a difficult month for oh so many of us. This is the month when All Things Changed. By March 5 I had already marked my final performance (March 1), and a year ago tomorrow will be our final restaurant outing (Absinthe in San Francisco) and concert attended (San Francisco Symphony doing Mahler 6). So it’s just a tough time, and I know it’s even harder for others who have lost so much more than being able to freely wander.

And still we go on. Things will improve. It might take longer than any of us want, but surely they will improve in God’s own time.

Meanwhile … have something made a year ago today. When I was maskless and had absolutely no idea what we were in for, even while knowing we were in for some changes.

Yellow & Orange Tulip, 3.5.20