Goodnight Flower


Red Amaryllis (II), 12.10.14

Dan and I went with some friends to visit some birds today. It was great fun, but the 4:00 AM wake up time means we are mighty weary now. I was thinking I might post something from the trip, but I think I’d better wait and give the images the proper attention. Sometimes I post things far too quickly and a few days later I realize I don’t really care for the image. A goodnight flower will have to do for today.

Goodnight Flower


Red Amaryllis, 12.10.14

I will take my leave with this red Amaryllis, which I found at Santana Row. That shopping area brings back such special memories of Christmas shopping with our family. We’d often stop at the sweet little bakery there either before or after shopping for cocoa or coffee and something tasty.

Hm. I think I need to go back there this year, despite having no children home for Christmas. Just for the memories.

Earlier today I posted this Amaryllis, again from Santana Row. I post it in memory of Irene Dalis. I’m so very sorry to have to write that she passed away yesterday morning.


White Amaryllis, 12.10.14