Continuing to Learn

Today’s five mile walk was so lovely: the cloud cover and temps in the 50s made it such fun. I didn’t see a ton to catch my eye for photos, but I did need to practice with my new 35mm lens so I stopped on occasion just to play around. Much of what I did isn’t anything workable, but here is a straight out of the camera (SOOC) image, just to share what it can do hand-held and with no post processing. Not bad, really! I will still think of my 100mm as THE lens, but this one seems as if it’ll be a great one for traveling.

SOC: Gerbera, 12.11.19

Happy Wednesday

It is rather dark outside and I hear that north of us the weather is rather wild. The wind appears to be starting up (my wind chimes are chiming) and I suspect that I’ll be slogging through rain when I leave for symphony tonight. For now, though, I’m sitting inside, enjoying some great music, looking at photos, and, on occasion, doing a bit more cleaning around the house. After posting this it’s off to the studio to practice and teach.

I thought this cheerful flower might brighten up the darkness (although in all honesty I love dark days like this). If you look closely you might see the friend … but it’s rather tiny! The images I post here are not meant to be seen large. As my husband says, “They look great larger and prints are always for sale!

Pink Gerbera & Tiny Friend, 1.30.18