Looking back at 2017

I’m looking over 2017 images in a rather random way at the moment. I should start with January 2017, but I seem to have landed in April at the moment. (I think it all started when I was looking for a particular image and it turned out to be in April of last year. Other images I’d never bothered with caught my eye.) In any case, I’m finding a lot to trash but I’m also finding some things I really like.

This hydrangea caught my eye because of the color, as anyone would surely guess. I love the green. I’m surprised I didn’t bother with it earlier. (And yes, I’ve only managed to get to April 3 at this point. This is going to take some time, as I get distracted by an image and work on it rather than quickly running through to delete the garbage!)

Green Hydrangea, 4.3.17Green_Hydrangea,_4.3.17.jpg