One Rose, Two Ways

Sometimes I take a number of shots of a flower, shooting from different angles. Often I favor one easily and toss the rest (or let them sit in my files in case I change my mind later). In this case it was only two shots that I took, but since I don’t know which I prefer I’ll share both. Yes, they are similar, but they are not the same. And both have something in them that I really like.

Pink & White Petals (I & II), 5.2.18

Goodnight Flower

This is what I think of as a common geranium. It’s Latin name, though, is Pelargonium. The Geranium is not a Pelargonium. Yes, it’s confusing!

Pelargonium has the common names geraniums, pelargoniums, or storksbills.
Geranium has the common name cranesbill and is sometimes called “hardy geranium”.

No, there is no test. I just thought you might be interested!

Pelargonium (I), 4.23.19