From Today’s Walk

I had a nice walk today, despite it being somewhat breezy. (I feel as if it’s terrifically windy, but that’s only because I’m trying to shoot flowers!)

While shooting some beautiful iris (I hope to share something later from that house, but we’ll see how the photos turned out) a very nice couple stopped and we chatted for a brief moment. Silly me didn’t even think to get their names … so dear couple, if you did manage to find this website and read this please leave a comment with your names! It was delightful to talk a wee bit.

We are living in a very difficult moment of history, but the friendliness of people is a joy. The chalk messages on the sidewalks — the friendly waves as we avoid getting too close to one another — the brief chats. It all means so much right now.

I also had a short conversation with a mail carrier and thanked him for his work. I asked him if they are worried and he acknowledged that they really are. I was sorry to hear that USPS provides them with gloves but no masks. He said they are on their own when it comes to masks.

And with all that rambling I now leave you with the first shot of the day. I do love seeing the trees blossoming. My itchy eyes are a bit annoying, but, oh, the beauty of these!

First Shot: Blossoms, 4.2.20


Yesterday’s walk didn’t include my good camera. But an iPhone can do some things just fine. When I walked past this tree — a tree I have seen many times — I decided to play around a bit. I’m pretty certain this is a cork tree (Quercus suber). When you push on the bark it is just a tad squishy, and it just looks really cool.

From Today’s Walk

When I get home from my morning walk I frequently download my pictures and run through them rather quickly to see if I have anything that I really like enough to work on and publish right away. Then I go eat my breakfast and ignore them for at least a few hours.

With this?! I had to jump in right away and work on it and post it. I did not see what I see on my screen when I was shooting. It’s one of the wonders and joys of photography, at least to me.

I wonder what you’ll see.

I’ve cropped the image 2:1 at the moment. Perhaps I’ll share the entire shot later. I’m not sure, yet, which I favor. The complete image has even more, but they aren’t quite as obvious to my eye.

Do You See Them? 9.25.19