Amazing Color

I don’t know if readers remember, but a few weeks back I posted an image of a tree with great leaf color. Since then I’ve walked past that tree again. And the change between April 19 (first two photos) and 27 is pretty amazing. Just today someone in a plant ID group asked for the ID of this tree, so now I know it is the Fagus sylvatica, also called the European beech or tri-color beech. I call it astounding beech.


Yesterday’s walk didn’t include my good camera. But an iPhone can do some things just fine. When I walked past this tree — a tree I have seen many times — I decided to play around a bit. I’m pretty certain this is a cork tree (Quercus suber). When you push on the bark it is just a tad squishy, and it just looks really cool.


As I was walking today I saw two trees that were wonderfully green. It isn’t a typical green one sees on trees, and it was mostly blossoms rather than leaves. I got home and did a search and I’m rather sure it’s an elm (ulmas), although I don’t know what kind.

From Today’s Walk

When I get home from my morning walk I frequently download my pictures and run through them rather quickly to see if I have anything that I really like enough to work on and publish right away. Then I go eat my breakfast and ignore them for at least a few hours.

With this?! I had to jump in right away and work on it and post it. I did not see what I see on my screen when I was shooting. It’s one of the wonders and joys of photography, at least to me.

I wonder what you’ll see.

I’ve cropped the image 2:1 at the moment. Perhaps I’ll share the entire shot later. I’m not sure, yet, which I favor. The complete image has even more, but they aren’t quite as obvious to my eye.

Do You See Them? 9.25.19