For Janet Sims

For those who don’t know, photography is my passion and I love to share it with others. I’m attempting to make it a bit of a “light profession”.

But … music is my “real job”. Today a colleague of many years played her last concert with us in the Symphony Silicon Valley orchestra. (She has another job, so this isn’t a retire from it all¬† thing, but it’s a pretty big deal to leave the orchestra and I will miss her presence.)

So here’s to a new season … wishing you all the best in your symphony retirement, Janet!

I give you … wait for it … a viola for your retirement.

Purple, White, & Yellow Viola Tricolor, 2.14.18

Lightroom Woes

I don’t know if anyone else is having Adobe Lightroom woes at the moment, but I sure am. It is so incredibly slow I finally just give up after trying it for a while. Each action takes at least 10 seconds. Now I realize that seems like a small amount of time, but not when you are working on a photo and are doing a lot of work. Trust me. I’m not sure if it’s that I moved to Apple’s Mojave or what, but it is quite troubling, since I do pay a monthly fee for Adobe Lightroom¬†and right now it’s pretty useless.

It is so frustrating, in fact that I am posting this image that took far too long to work on and giving it all up for today. Fortunately I have images saved that I can use for Goodnight Flowers for a while.

Purple, White, Yellow, Blue, 2.14.18