Looking Through January 2016

I’m nearing the end of January 2016 photos. I started with December 2016 and thought I’d move backwards but, alas, I was distracted:  I went to January to look for some photos of some friends and so much for my backwards plan. Funny how that goes.

I found this shot at the end and it makes me smile. It also made me look up whether I should use an apostrophe with O when making it plural. I thought not, but it looked so wrong without it. Turns out, according to what I read, I can go either way: it’s actually not necessary (and some will hate it), but to distinguish it from Os as in the operating system or the symbol for osmium I read that it is sometimes used. Please correct me if I’m mistaken because I don’t like to get things like this wrong!

A Lamp Post & O’s, 1.28.16A_Lamp_Post_&_O's,_1.28.16.jpg

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