A Sunday Afternoon Dahlia

When I’m done working on an image I usually export it to my desktop so I can post it sometime in the future. In case you haven’t noticed, these exports — the images you see here and on social media sites — are not of the highest quality, which I hope causes them to be “borrowed” (otherwise known as stolen) less frequently. I realize it can still happen.: it’s just the way it goes in our world. People just don’t like to pay for things any more. Funny how we all want to get paid for our own work, though.

Hm. How did I wind up writing about that?

Oh yes … explaining that what you see on the screen is not what you’d see if you purchased a print or a box of cards. I always print a much higher quality image. Even my cards are suitable for framing.

In case you wondered.

But enough of that. I am here to post a pink dahlia because I just noticed I have far too many of them on my desktop! So here is a pink dahlia for your Sunday afternoon … or whatever part of the day it is for you in your neck of the woods!

Pink Dahlia (I), 6.7.18Pink_Dahlia_(I),_6.7.18.jpg

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