A Short Ramble and some Pink

My photography is taking a back seat for a time. We have family coming for a visit beginning tomorrow, and walks will be camera-free if and when they occur.

Today was spent preparing the house a bit. Miracles can’t happen (cracked tile will remain cracked, marred floors will remain marred, and not all clutter will be removed: so it goes!), but we did hang a number of photos (no, not mine … maybe someday?) and I’m tremendously pleased with how things look. We like to have not only our own work, but work of others showing here. Today we put up six new works from other artists. It’s fun to see their work on our walls, and we do love supporting other artists.

Just some quick pix from the iPhone to show work from William Neill, Charles Cramer, Penny Otwell, Franka Mlikota Gabler, Camille Seaman, John Sexton, Robin Black and Charlotte Hoffman. (Best seen live and in person, as you might imagine.)

Still, I do like to share my own work, and while I don’t print and frame much, I enjoy seeing them here and I love to make cards. I think, in fact, I’m more satisfied when I make my cards for some reason … maybe because I know when someone buys one they will then share it with someone else in most cases. Or at least some cases. Friends have told me they buy a card and then decide they want to keep it. (I suggest, “Just buy more!” Hah!)

Dahlias nearly always cause me to stop a walk and pull out the camera. In this instance I came across a patch of pink at the end of my walk … and right across the street from my house.

Pink Dahlia (I), 6.7.18