A Sunflower For Kathy


A loss occurred while we were away. It wasn’t a complete surprise, as we knew our dear neighbor had been dealing with cancer for a time and her wonderful husband had kept friends up to date on things, but it was still devastating to get the news.

Kathy was a sunflower lover … as she told me, she loved the flowers but would never grow them because the plants looked to messy! So Kathy, this flower is for you. I saw it in Thurnau, Germany and couldn’t help but think of you, your fantastic smile and joyful laugh.

Where to Start?

I’m having a difficult time knowing just how to start sorting through the images I made while on our trip. How to start? It’s overwhelming at the moment.

Truth be told, I took fewer than 300 on the Canon, and made most everything on the iPhoneX: it was just more convenient and the trip was, for me, more about seeing things and visiting with family than it was about getting that perfect image for a print.

I happened upon this picture just now, though and thought I’d share. I must say I’m quite pleased with it!

Dan in Fontainebleau, 9.3.18Dan_in_Fontainebleau.jpg