From Today’s Walk

I initially thought I wasn’t going to be able to get to the Municipal Rose Garden today, as I had been ill with vertigo yesterday, and it hit me more in the middle of the night. Still, I thought I’d head that direction and see what I could manage.

Ta-Da! I made it to the rose garden, and there was no vertigo at all.

Alas, after making some images the vertigo kicked back in. I’m realizing that while walking works, anything requiring excellent eye focus causes dizziness. The bright sun and wind seem to add to the issue (since both are hard on the eyes.) So after only working on seven rose varieties I had to pack things up and head back home. At least I managed to get some good miles in! And yes, of course I did shoot a wee bit. Here’s the first rose. Purple roses always catch my eye.

Twilight Zone Rose (I), 7.2.19

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