In Honor of Some Friends

Sparaxis (monochrome), 3.28.19

Some friends of mine are in a Black & White Photography show featuring the works of Jerry Bosworth, but also including works by David Hoffman, Franka Gabler, Cathy McCrery Cordle, G Dan Mitchell, and Jonathan Bock. Thus, the monochrome image above by yours truly. I may never get in a show, but I can share others’ shows and toss in something that corresponds to the show, right? Works for me! (**I am NOT upset that I am not in shows. I don’t pursue them. It’s my own fault. I don’t attempt to get into juried shows either. I’m just not good at that stuff at this point in my life.)

I will be a at the reception and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve seen some of the work and it is outstanding!