Reviewing and Deleting

This year I am attempting to sort through photos more quickly than I’ve done in the past (I still have years that need a great deal of attention and some major deleting.) so I’ve already reached September 23. That’s not to say I won’t eventually go back and nix even more, but getting through a first round of nearly all of a current year is a first for me.

I’ve heard it said, over and over, that one should be cautious about deleting images, and I am only deleting duplicates and images that are out of focus or so bad I can only shake my head and laugh, wondering what I was thinking. Otherwise I let things stick around.

Below is the image I just landed on and decided to work on (I don’t work on everything immediately … I’d never get done if I did that!). I only have September 23 through October 22 to go now. It’s possible I could even manage to get through all of that today, as I’ve taken fewer photos recently.

But first … I hear a walk calling my name!

Colorful Rose, 9.23.19