After-Concert Flower

The newly re-named Symphony San Jose (Hooray!) opening concert set is over. I’m weary. Relieved. Happy. Sad. And all at the same time, That’s how it goes with concerts sometimes. But I will celebrate with this Bird. (I see at the symphony website that they’ve yet to change the name there. I’m hoping that happens soon … and I hope they managed to get the domain name.)

Strelitzia regina (II), 5.1.18

6 thoughts on “After-Concert Flower

      1. You’re welcome. That feeling of being back to “near normal” must be in no small measure exhilarating. I treasure those unexpected moments whenever they manifest and take me by surprise.


      2. Well, the “normal” bit was more (selfishly) about my English horn playing! I’m not sure when things will feel “near normal” for me regarding Covid. Having all the strings masked, along with the conductor and percussion, it feels sort of odd and removed …

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      3. I understand. For me, there is no grand overarching feeling of near normal. Those moments are brief and come in short flashes of memory. They come unbidden and are transitory but oh so welcome. Congrats once again. I suppose it will be a case of baby steps over a long time, but at least you’ve crossed that one milestone. And thank you for the joy that your flowers bring!


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